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Community and Supportive Services Program

Operated in collaboration with Charter Oak Communities (the Stamford Housing Authority), Community and Supportive Services Program is designed to strengthen Stamford’s public housing communities by empowering residents to become active members and leaders within their communities and beyond.  Through counseling, case management services, referrals to community agencies, community building, socialization and general support, the program helps families living in public housing achieve greater self-sufficiency and independence.

Our Resident Service Coordinators are onsite at Stamford public housing communities five days a week at public to help residents develop plans and take the necessary steps to reach their goals.   By focusing on individual strengths and addressing personal and family needs, Resident Service Coordinators also work to utilize appropriate educational and vocational services to help residents obtain employment or improve their economic self sufficiency.  For residents who are homebound, Resident Service Coordinators help to create support systems necessary in order to improve quality of life and ultimately maintain their independence.

For more information, contact Donna Spellman at 203-324-3167.