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Early Care & Education


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Our Philosophy

Family Centers believes that children learn best when they are considered an integral part of the learning process. Our centers' positive, stimulating learning environments enable children to explore and learn through active engagement.  We accept the young child as a unique and valuable individual and group member.  We support children’s development of positive self identity, instill in our students a lifelong love learning and foster a sincere appreciation of diversity.

We believe that families are their children’s first teachers.  We welcome family members to share their talents and cultural traditions with our students.  We encourage families to become involved with our Family Council, volunteer in their child’s class, and work collaboratively with their children’s teachers become members of our wonderful community.

Our Accreditation

Family Centers' Early Care and Education program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Accreditation by NAEYC is widely recognized as a distinction of the highest quality early care and education programs. Only eight percent of the nation's preschools earn NAEYC's stamp of approval. Family Centers' Early Care and Education program is the only full day-full year program in Greenwich that maintains NAEYC accreditation.

Our Staff

We strive to hire and maintain highly qualified, passionate, professional early educators. As of 2013, 62% of our staff has a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and many of our teachers continue to participate in over 20 hours of professional development per year.  Teachers are encouraged to select professional development opportunities to attend that reflect their personal interests.  Additionally, our staff participates in professional development training opportunities held within the Greenwich preschool community, lectures at local colleges, as well as state-wide and national conferences.

Our Curriculum

At the Joan Melber Warburg Early Childhood Center, we use the Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos. Teachers conduct monthly individual observations and assessments on each child. These tools allow teachers to use the children's interest and needs as the main framework for their lesson planning. Our Continuity of Care philosophy helps build secure relationships between our caregivers and children. We create a safe, predictable environment by maintaining daily caregiving routines. This enables our teaching staff to learn each child's individual cues and provide quick responsive care. Classroom arrangement and materials are continuously adapted to meet the changing developmental needs of the children in the class.

At the Arch Street and Gateway Preschools, Family Centers' utilizes the Creative Curriculum. We plan developmentally appropriate, student-driven lessons for the class as a whole based on each child's individual strengths and goals. Family Centers preschools' lesson plans are designed to allow for formal and informal observations of each student.  Additionally, both the preschools and the Joan Melber Warburg Early Childhood Center utlize the Teach Strategies Gold online assessment system to document children's developmental goals and progress.  

For more information or to schedule a tour of our sites, email us or call 203-629-2822 ext. 3135.


Our Centers

The Joan Melber Warburg Early Childhood Center, located at 22 Bridge Street in Greenwich, accepts children ages 6 weeks to two years. The Warburg Center has seven classrooms.  Click here to learn more about the Joan Melber Warburg Early Childhood Center.

The Arch Street Preschool is located at 40 Arch Street in Greenwich and is housed in the same building as Family Centers' executive offices. The Arch Street Preschool accepts children ages 3-5 years. Arch Street Preschool has three pre-kindergarten classes. Click here to learn more about the Arch Street Preschool.

The Gateway Preschool, located at 2 Chapel Street in Greenwich, accepts children ages 2-5 years. Gateway has a two year old classroom and three pre-kindergarten classrooms. Click here to learn more about the Gateway Preschool.

The Dancing Dolphins and Friendly Fish School Readiness classes accept income-eligible families with children ages 3-5 years.  The School Readiness classes are located in the First Steps building in Armstrong Court. Please call our Admissions Coordinator at 203-629-2822 to learn more about the School Readiness classes.