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Families in Crisis

Planning for the 2014 Hope Lights Lives campaign is underway! 

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A crisis can happen at a moment’s notice and can penetrate the fabric of even the strongest families.  Whether it’s learning to cove with a divorce, mental illness, a critical illness or the loss of a loved one, the circumstances surrounding a life-altering situation are often as unique as the needs of those affected.  Family Centers’ comprehensive network of counseling, support and trauma response services is instrumental in helping families in crisis work toward a successful resolution.  

Center for HOPE
The Center for HOPE provides comprehensive services for adults and children living with an illness, grieving a loss or coping with a trauma.  All counseling, support and education services are facilitated by specially-trained professionals in an atmosphere of hope and renewal.   

Counseling and Mental Health Services
Family Centers’ counseling and mental health services help individuals, groups, couples and families resolve a wide range of personal and relationship issues.  Alcohol and substance abuse services are also offered.  All services are facilitated by trained mental health professionals and provided in our licensed and accredited centers located in Greenwich, Stamford and Darien.

The Den for Grieving Kids
The Den for Grieving Kids offers children, teens and families a safe, caring place that allows them to explore their feelings about the loss of a loved one and begin the journey toward healing.  Biweekly evening support groups meet at Family Centers’ Greenwich offices, and a mentoring program meets weekly at the Stamford Boys and Girls Club.  Student support groups in 12 schools across Fairfield County are also offered.

Focus on K.I.D.S. (for Families of Divorce)
Focus on K.I.D.S. provides time-limited counseling for high-conflict divorcing parents to teach effective communication and co-parenting skills.

Intensive Family Preservation Program
Through counseling and support, the Intensive Family Preservation Program helps families resolve conflicts and improve parenting skills when there is an imminent risk of child abuse or neglect.

Parenting Education Program (PEP)
Mandated by Connecticut Superior Court, the Parenting Education Program (PEP) helps divorcing parents foster positive parenting following a divorce.

Parent Coaching and Family Counseling Program

The Parent Coaching and Family Counseling Program (PCFCP) provides home-based parent coaching and counseling to families with children in need of structure and consistency.


Parenting Workshops and Support Groups
Family Centers offers an array of parenting workshops and support groups to help parents assist parents of all ages with the day-to-day challenges and joys of parenting.  

Reconnecting Families Program 
The Reconnecting Families Program is designed to engage, support and intervene with family members through a short-term, intensive in-home service model following the removal of a child due to abuse or neglect.  The goal of the program is to promote and affect successful reunification and reduce the risk of further abuse or neglect.


Stamford CARES

Staffed by a team of trained mental health clinicians and medical case managers, Stamford CARES provides a host of services to help those living with HIV/AIDS.  Support is also offered to families and friends whose lives are affected by HIV/AIDS.


Trauma Response

Family Centers’ trained professionals can respond and assist during an array of crisis situations.  Services are available to individuals, schools, businesses and community organizations.


WorkLife Solutions

Through comprehensive employee assistance programs, work-life services and management consultations, WorkLife Solutions helps businesses, schools, organizations and municipalities maximize management efficiency and employee success.